Introduction to the Residence Club Industry
The fractional Residence Club concept was introduced in 1992 with the Deer Valley Club, and has since become the fastest growing segment of the luxury resort market. With over 20 luxury residence clubs completed worldwide, and approximately 20 more in the construction or planning phases, the industry continues to evolve and respond to increasing consumer awareness and market changes. While other shared ownership projects may refer to themselves as residence clubs, Hobson Advisors recognizes a clear distinction between mediocre, high-density developments and other luxury clubs offering five-star services and amenities.

Residence Clubs, often referred to in the industry as Private Residence Clubs (PRCs), have taken the hassle out of second home ownership and provide an attractive alternative to wholly-owned second homes at a fraction of the cost. A residence club, unlike timeshare, is a real estate investment with the usage flexibility of second home ownership.

Membership at a residence club offers a level of social interaction and pattern of use to suit the needs of individual members. Consumers only purchase what they have time to use. Amenities such as recreation, dining and shopping typically rival those of five-star resorts, yet the maintenance costs and use of a luxury residence is shared.

The process for developing a residence club is complicated, and proper planning and execution are essential for success.

Hobson Advisors provides in-depth, strategic advice and business planning services to guide developers from the initial site evaluation to the final sale.

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